Having read this draft Global Charter for Social Protection Rights, I want to endorse this initiative. This support does not concern all the different and detailed points of the twenty principles, which have to be adopted in a national or local context according to the needs of people, but the process to work on social commons in a democratic and participatory way, aimed at contributing to social justice and social transformation.


Global Social justice, Brussels

TNI, Amsterdam

Network for Transformative Social Protection in Asia, Manila

Buhay na may Dignidad para sa Lahat (Dignidad), Manila

Cambodia Grassroots Cross-Sector Network, Cambodia

Monitoring Sustainability of Globalisation

Konfederal Serikat Nasional/National Union Confederation (KSN), Indonesia

Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development

Foro social mundial de salud y proteccion social

Environmental Public Society, NGO

Working Group on Social ASEAN

Kampanya para sa Makataong Pamumuhay (KAMP), Philippines

Woman Health, Philippines

Working Group on Transformative Social Protection, Indonesia

Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM)

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights

Fresh Eyes, People to People Travel, UK

Justice Makers, Bangladesh

Plain Welfare Truth Foundation, Bangladesh




1.      M. Mirga, AWP, Pakistan

2.      Farooq Tariq, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

3.      Dong Huy Cuong, VPDF, Vietnam

4.      Nisar Shah, International Institute for Resarch and Education, Kashmir

5.      M. Amin, Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

6.      Shiraz Raj, Progressive Thoughts

7.      Khaled Mahmood, Labour Education Foundation, Pakistan

8.      Manabu Nabri, National Confederation of Trade Unions, Japan

9.      Raquel Castillo, Participation and Sustainability through Education and Lifelong Learning

10.   Francina Varghese, World Solidarity Movement

11.   Kun Wardana Abyoto, ASETUC

12.   Abdul Awal, Noakhali Rural Development Society (NRDS), Bangladesh

13.   ABM Shafiqul Islam, Paani Committee, Bangladesh

14.   Abu Siddique, Senior Reporter, the Daily Dhaka Tribune, Bangladeh

15.   AHM Bazlur Rahman, Bangladesh NGO Network for Radio Communication (BNNRC), Bangladesh

16.   Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, VOICE, Bangladesh

17.   Arup Rahee, Centre for Bangladesh Studies (CBS), Bangladesh

18.   Azad Abul Kalam, Bangladesh Working Group on External Debt (BWGED), Bangladesh

19.   Basanti Saha, Lawyer, Dhaka Judges Court, Bangladesh

20.   Dr. Abdul Matin, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolan (BAPA), Bangladesh

21.   Fazlur Rahman, Society for Participatory Empowerment for Development (SPED), Bangladesh

22.   Hasan Mehedi, CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network), Bangladesh

23.   Jibanananda Jayanta, Lawyer, Dhaka Judges Court, Bangladesh

24.   Jyotirmoy Barua, Barrister, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

25.   Kazi Zaved Khalid Pasha Joy, Initiative for Right View (IRV), Bangladesh

26.   M. Zakir Hossain Khan, DEVREMATE, Bangladesh

27.   Maha Mirza, National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Port (NCBD)

28.   Monower Mostafa, Development Synergy Institute (DSI), Bangladesh

29.   Nurul Alam Masud, Participatory Research and Action Network (PRAN), Noakhali, Bangladesh

30.   Philip Gain, Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD), Bangladesh

31.   Rashed Ripon, Paribartan-Rajshahi, Bangladesh

32.   Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Equity and Justice Working Group – Bangladesh (EquityBD), Bangladesh

33.   Sekandar Ali Mina, Safety and Rights Society (SRS), Bangladesh, AMRC

34.   Meirhaq Kifli, World Solidarity Movement

35.   Abu Mupharhat

36.   Shahidul Islam, Uttaran, Bangladesh

37.   Shamim Arfeen, An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED), Bangladesh

38.   Shakeb Nabi, Christian Aid in Bangladesh, Bangladesh

39.   Shamsul Islam Dipu, SPEED Trust, Bangladesh

40.   Sharifuzzaman Sharif, Nagorik Sanghati, Bangladesh

41.   Sheikh Rokon, Sub-Editor, The Daily Samakal, Bangladesh

42.   SM Nazer Hossain, ISDE Bangladesh

43.   Syeda Rizwana Hasan, Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA), Bangladesh

44.   Tapas Das, Senior Reporter, the Daily New Age, Bangladesh

45.   Tauhedul Islam Shahazada, Prantojon Trust, Bangladesh

46.   Zakir Hossain, Nagorik Uddyog, Bangladesh

47.   Ziaul Hoque Mukta, Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL), Bangladesh

48.   MD Salim, Member of Parliament, CPI(M), Indonesia

49.   Petra De Sutter, Member of Parliament, Groen!, Belgium

50.   Dr Manzur Kadir Ahmed, GK

51.   Sandra Kidd, Development Pathways, UK

52.   Hilde Van Regenmortel, Oxfam Solidariteit, Belgium

53.   Birgit Daiber, Common Good of Humanity Network, Italy

54.   Maaike Vanmeerhaeghe, Oxfam Solidariteit, Belgium

55.   Sandeep Chachra, Action Aid, India

56.   Leizyl Salem, International Young Christian Workers Asia Pacific

57.   Samy Arokiasamy, AREDS, India

58.   Benoit Borrits, Association Autogestion, France

59.   Noel Colina, AMRC, Hong Kong

60.   MD Ahsanul Karim, Equity, Bangladesh

61.   Liza Ordonez, Oxfam

62.   Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, 24 June Democrazy Group

63.   Sr Josephine Aurala Valarmathi, National Domestic Workers Movement

64.   Sian Jones, EAPN, Brussels

65.   Freddy De Pauw, journalist, Brussels

66.   Bonn Juego, University of Jyvaskyla

67.   Lidy Nacpil, Asian-Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

68.   Dr Vittorio Agnoletto, University of Milan

69.   Claude Calame, scientific Council, ATTAC, France

70.   Rayyan Hassan, NGO Forum on ADB

71.   Boris Kagarlitsky, Delphi Initiative and Institute for Globalisation Studies and Social;Movements

72.   Gus Massiah, former president of CRID, ATTAC, France

73.   J-M Harribey, scientific council, ATAC, France





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  1. Francine says:

    I definitely support this initiative.

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    I support this initiative

  3. Fresh Eyes -People to People Travel cic supports the charter

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