Having read this draft Global Charter for Social Protection Rights, I want to endorse this initiative. This support does not concern all the different and detailed points of the twenty principles, which have to be adopted in a national or local context according to the needs of people, but the process to work on social commons in a democratic and participatory way, aimed at contributing to social justice and social transformation.


Lidy Nacpil, Asian-Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

Vittorio Agnoletto, University of Milan

Claude Calame, scientific council ATTAC France

Rayyan Hassan, NGO Forum on ADB

Boris Kagarlitsky, Delphi Initiative and Institute for Globalisation Studies and Social Movements

Gus Massiah, former president of CRID, France

J-M Harribey, scientific council ATTAC France

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  1. Francine says:

    I definitely support this initiative.

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